Artist Statement

Jacky Lloyd is a South African contemporary sculptor working principally in marble and sandstone.

She holds a BA (FA) degree from Stellenbosch University.

Employing a quasi-narrative form in 3-dimension and bas-relief, she explores the permeation of the personal and archetypal within a broader framework of our transitional society.

Her work consists of a sequence of increasingly personal related threads:
Motherships’: exploring universal archetypes of existence, expressed within the format of the ship as carrier and vehicle. These are 3 dimensional works carved from marble with the addition of found objects. Climate change, the wonder of life as we know it, and the way we so easily set about destroying it.
‘Working Women’ a series of bas-relief portraits of real South African middle aged women whose achievements amount to significant professional expertise. From a socio-political perspective this is an evolving phenomenon, and presented in bas-relief, a format historically identified with male narratives of conquest and memorial. The viewpoint is simultaneously archetypal and intimate. Clothing as a form of identity is layered with the Classical Greek sculptural technique of defining form through drapery. These portraits act as witness of current day heroes.
'Numinous Objects' encompassing a range of concepts, reflecting the intimate relationship between our physical and metaphysical personal worlds. The references are simultaneously archetypal and intimate. 
‘Youth’ series : a current more introspective collection of relief work and hand engraved ‘drawings’ on marble, follow from her solo show ‘Motherships’, where the implication of an uncertain environmental future makes for an unsettling world particularly for young people. Her series explores the beautiful vulnerability of youth as they evolve into the adult world and its strictures. The collection was begun at the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, where young conscripts face tremendous personal challenges in a world not of their choosing.
‘Sleeper’ series : from the broadest of archetypes such as the cyclic rhythms of our bodies to the intimacy of private life in private spaces at night. In sleep we reorganise our perceptions into an ‘order’ which will shape our conscious actions moving into the future; or we are awake in sleep time, our minds able to reach widely and deeply into an understanding of ourselves and our lives. Sleep time is creative, regenerative and deeply intimate.
‘Selfie’ series’ the generic image of a person with a phone camera, recording their presence in time and place. How do we see ourselves, how do we wish to be seen, how do others see us? Apparently superficial, this developing series will show how truthful even a staged self-image becomes as we construct ourselves into being in the contemporary socio-political environment.

'Duiweltjie' sandstone 2007
Spltting marble 2021